A&A Motorcoach

A&A Motorcoach, Inc. . .Safety First!

As the largest Motorcoach Company in central Washington, we recognize that safety is one of the most significant priorities for our clients. We are dedicated to adhering to all federal and state regulations and conducting safety oriented training on a routine basis. Below is a list of various safety-related precautions our company takes to assure you we are doing everything to provide you with the most reliable service possible:

  • Fully authorized to conduct business under DOT#
  • We conduct regular driver safety & training programs
  • We maintain our employees in on-going random drug and alcohol screenings
  • Daily inspections of each Motorcoach with written verification of inspection
  • Perform routine physical inspections of Motorcoach systems, and perform routine, complete preventative maintenance.
  • Each Motorcoach is thoroughly cleaned following each trip
  • First aid kits and fire extinguishers are onboard each vehicle

Adhere to strict Federal Hours of Service regulations that include:

  • Maximum 10 hours driving per day.
  • Maximum 15 hours on duty per day
  • Minimum of 8 consecutive hours off-duty between days
  • Multiple drivers are scheduled when itineraries exceed these limits

Pre-employment Screenings & Testing guidelines:

  • Must possess current CDL License with Passenger Endorsement
  • Driving background check
  • Drug Screening
  • DOT medical approval
  • Previous Employer performance checks
  • Driving skills test